Dual Recovery

While we recognize that many individuals struggle with chemical dependency in addition to psychological problems, our treatment focus is on the underlying concerns, Our mental health programs are designed to provide therapeutic and psychosocial support for restoring the health of our clients. “Dual Diagnosis” refers to the simultaneous coexistence of a substance abuse disorder and a mental health disorder. These concurrent disorders tend to interact within an individual and often cause more severe and chronic medical and emotional problems.

La Selva’s Dual Recovery Program offers a specialized, comprehensive system of individualized care to help patients understand these issues and help them in their recovery. Their recovery depends on integrating treatment for both chemical dependency and mental health issues.

Our dual recovery residents enjoy beautiful apartment living in Palo Alto with daily supervision. This sober living environment supports them in their desire to be alcohol and drug free. They attend our Outpatient Program on weekdays at our California Avenue site for a full day of treatment including but not limited to individual and group counseling. The Dual Recovery program is a block away from our residential program where many begin their recovery here at La Selva.

The Dual Recovery Program runs about a fourth of the cost of our residential program.

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