“La Selva has helped me get my life back.”

“I no longer feel overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, I now know I have much to be hopeful about. I am excited about my future.”

“I have learned sobriety can be a lot of fun. I first got sober at La Selva to stop all the bad things that were happening to me, I will stay sober because of all the good things that I now have in my life.”

“La Selva is like a village that has supported my recovery. I now know the importance of a support network and how important it is for my continued recovery and having a wonderful life.”

“Because, I happen to know for a fact (without a doubt), that only with the help of Momentum AND the guidance/help/support from YOU… this is the ONLY way that I’m still here (alive) today…”

“I don’t know where my life would have gone had it not been for the caring team at La Selva!”

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