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Semi-Independent Living

The homes provide a semi-independent living environment just a few blocks away from the Outpatient Program. We have both shared and private rooms, depending on client preferences and availability. Residents include those who are ready to make a transition from a highly structured residential program to independent living. It offers shared housing in a beautiful home featuring hardwood floors, Persian rugs, wall mounted HDTV, individual and shared bedrooms with Internet access and cable TV. All residents attend our Outpatient Program located on California Avenue just a few miles away. Staff Supervision is offered on a daily basis.

All meals are provided as staff coordinate cooking meals with the residents. On-site staff focus on teaching and developing independent living skills with our residents. The program clinicians meet with residents on a weekly basis to discuss discharge planning and problem solving. Residents share successes in a mutually supportive environment. The length of stay ranges from short term (month by month) to long term.

Cost runs about a third of the cost of the Residential Treatment Program.

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