The experience and expertise of La Selva’s staff support each client in his or her journey toward wellness and recovery.

<center>Brenna Connolly, Psy.D</center>

Brenna Connolly, Psy.D

Clinical Director

Dr. Connolly manages our Discovery Day Program at California Avenue. She is our clinical lead and conducts DBT and CBT groups as well as individual therapy. Dr. Connolly is a clinical psychologist.

Brenna can be reached at

<center>Jim Millsap CPRP</center>

Jim Millsap CPRP

Executive Director

Jim has served as La Selva’s Executive Director since 2000. He has guided La Selva from a single Residential Program in Palo Alto to a group of services including residential services at 5 sites and a robust Outpatient Program located at our new Out PT Campus. LSG Out PT programs include, PHP,IOP, Private pay day programming, La Selva Community Clinic, and our Alumni Program. He has worked in this field since 1975. Jim’s vision for La Selva is creating a community of support and recovery allowing our members to transition through different levels of care within the same wellness community.

Jim can be reached at

<center>Anthony Miller, LMFT</center>

Anthony Miller, LMFT

Director of Operations

Anthony oversees the operations across La Selva’s programs from Residential to Outpatient. He utilizes both his clinical and operational experience to connect dots and support the everchanging La Selva community. He has over 14 years of residential mental health experience that includes the social rehab and harm reduction models, dual diagnosis, as well as crisis and transitional living. He is a firm believer that the greatest power is to empower others.

Anthony can be reached at

<center>Shefali Miller, MD</center>

Shefali Miller, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Miller serves as Chief Medical Officer for Momentum for Health, and also provides psychiatric assessment and treatment to individuals participating in the La Selva IOP and PHP. She completed medical school at Columbia University and residency at Stanford. Following residency, Dr. Miller was Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford where she specialized in bipolar disorder research and treatment, and served as Chief of the Bipolar Disorders Clinic from 2017-2018.

Shefali can be reached at

<center>Juliana Lockman, MD</center>

Juliana Lockman, MD


Dr. Juliana Lockman directs the Functional Neurologic Symptom Disorder (FND) track at La Selva Group. She is adjunct clinical associate professor at Stanford University Medical School. She completed residencies in both Neurology at the University of Virginia and Psychiatry at Stanford Hospital & Clinics. Her professional goals include developing effective therapies and improving access to care for clients with FND and related disorders.

Juliana can be reached at

<center>Garrick Wang, MD</center>

Garrick Wang, MD

Residential Psychiatrist

Dr. Wang is ABPN Board Certified in Adult Psychiatry and is La Selva Group’s primary psychiatrist. He graduated from Harvard University with an undergraduate degree in Biochemical Sciences and received the National Science Scholar award. He received his M.D. and Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and completed his residency at Stanford University receiving The NIMH Outstanding Resident Award in 2005.

Garrick can be reached at

<center>Jasmine Tatum, MD</center>

Jasmine Tatum, MD

Staff Psychiatrist

Dr. Tatum (she/her) is a staff psychiatrist at La Selva. She graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University with a bachelor’s in Psychology, received her M.D. from the Ichan School of Medicine, and completed her residency at Stanford University where she served as Chief Resident. She has undergone training in psychopharmacology, psychodynamic therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy and completed specialized training pathways in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and consult-liaison psychiatry (CLP). She is passionate about increasing access to mental health care and takes a holistic approach to treatment.

Jasmine can be reached at

<center>Charles Fagundes, MD</center>

Charles Fagundes, MD

Staff Psychiatrist

Dr. Fagundes (he/him) is Board Certified in Adult Psychiatry and is a staff psychiatrist at La Selva. He received his M.D. from Brown University and completed his psychiatry residency at Stanford University. He has undergone training in psychopharmacology, psychodynamic therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. In residency, he also had a special focus on interventional psychiatry, including Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). Dr. Fagundes also completed a Psychoanalysis Fellowship Program through the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis (PAPPTP).

Charles can be reached at

<center>Michelle Ly, LCSW</center>

Michelle Ly, LCSW

Director of Residential Admissions

Michelle Ly, LCSW is the Director of Residential Admissions at La Selva Group. She has over 19 years of experience in mental health services. She started as a Parent-Child Counselor and worked her way up to Clinician, Clinical Lead, and Associate Director. She has experience working in multiple settings in mental health and social work (e.g., residential, outpatient clinic, medical social work, and inpatient psychiatric behavioral health). Michelle has a bachelor’s degree in Child Development and a master’s degree in Social Work. She has worked with children, adolescents, and adults from diverse backgrounds. Her passion in mental health and social work stems from her own life experiences, perseverance, and resilience.

Michelle can be reached at

<center>Monika Arnold, LCSW</center>

Monika Arnold, LCSW

Director of Outpatient Admissions

Monika Arnold, LCSW, is the Director of Admissions for outpatient services at La Selva. She also manages admissions and clients in the Functional Neurologic Symptom Disorder (FND) track at La Selva. In addition, Monika has caseload of clients, runs groups at the outpatient setting and supervises interns. Prior to joining our team Monika gained valuable experience working in residential setting working with adults, and wilderness therapy with teens. She graduated from the University of Michigan School of Social Work in 2008.

Monika can be reached at

<center>Martha Zambrano, LMFT</center>

Martha Zambrano, LMFT

Clinician II/Manager of Community Clinic

Martha is a bilingual clinician working with both mono-lingual clients and clients participating in our outpatient program at La Selva. Using a blend of mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy, Martha provides short term psychotherapy as well as case management services. Martha is passionate about community work and has worked in various settings including working with at-risk juvenile offenders, survivors of domestic violence and child protective services. Her interests include working with young adults, incarcerated/at-risk populations and family therapy.

Martha can be reached at

<center>Meremy Needham, LMFT</center>

Meremy Needham, LMFT

Director of Admissions, La Selva Outpatient

Recently named as our new Outpatient Director of Admissions, Meremy Needham, LMFT/LPPC, previously served as Program Manager for La Selva’s PHP/IOP programs. As our outpatient programs have experienced significant growth over the last two years, Meremy has taken on added responsibilities in admissions, leading to her new role. As Outpatient Director of Admissions, she will continue to pioneer new pathways for clients accessing mental health care. Meremy uses skills-based interventions and strategies to help clients manage their emotions, improve relationships, and create lives worth living.

Meremy can be reached at

<center>Sajana Sagar</center>

Sajana Sagar

Director of Residential Operations

Sajana Sagar recently joined us as our new Director of Residential Services. La Selva Group now has 42 residential beds at five different locations in Palo Alto. Sajana has a master’s degree in social work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (India) and a master’s degree in criminal justice from Michigan State University. She has worked in the behavioral health field for more than eight years.

Sajana can be reached at

<center>Simi Bhaurla </center>

Simi Bhaurla

Program Manager - Evening IOP

Simi Bhaurla, LPCC, plays a pivotal role in the expansion of La Selva Outpatient as the program manager for the new Evening Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). With three years of leadership experience, Simi brings a wealth of expertise to this role. Known for her detail-oriented approach, organizational skills, and creativity, Simi is dedicated to implementing a client-centered approach aimed at empowering individuals and fostering overall wellness within our community. By promoting empowerment and inclusivity, Simi strives to create a safe and nurturing environment where all clients can thrive and reach their full potential.

Simi can be reached at

<center>Melissa Yant-Hunsinger, LCSW</center>

Melissa Yant-Hunsinger, LCSW


Melissa (pronouns she/her/hers) is a licensed clinical social worker providing group and individual therapy. Melissa integrates her extensive experience in psychosocial rehabilitation and community mental health with her clinical training to provide practical and comprehensive care, employing cultural humility and intersectionality. She supports her clients to develop self-compassion, increase self-awareness, learn and practice coping skills and build on their strengths and resources. Melissa specializes in anxiety reduction, parenting support, codependency recovery, sleep hygiene and CBT for psychosis.

Melissa can be reached at

<center>Jurek Aleksander, PhD</center>

Jurek Aleksander, PhD

Lead Therapist

Jurek has been with La Selva Group for over 17 years. He received his PhD in psychology at ITP (through Sofia University) in Palo Alto. In addition to leading the outpatient clinical team and coordinating clients’ care & recovery, he also conducts groups at El Camino Way: they include Heart & Mind Alignment, Family Constellation, Creative Writing and Archetypes, and Somatic experiential group. His approach is eclectic, holistic and pragmatic interwoven with healthy sense of humor & spirituality.

Jurek can be reached at

<center>Cheryl Seltzer, LMFT</center>

Cheryl Seltzer, LMFT


Cheryl is a Clinician for the outpatient program at La Selva Group, providing individual and group therapy as well as case management services. She’s been practicing psychotherapy with a holistic orientation since 2011, in agencies supporting adults, children and families. She is passionate about helping people live personally meaningful lives even in the midst of unfamiliar and chaotic circumstances.

Cheryl can be reached at

<center>Ana Valle Hernandez, LMFT</center>

Ana Valle Hernandez, LMFT


Ana is bilingual clinician in our outpatient program at La Selva Community Clinic. Using a blend of mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Somatic Experience approaches Ana provides short term psychotherapy as well as case management services. Ana thoroughly enjoys helping people find ways to be their best self. She has experience working with at-risk juvenile offenders, families, couples, and individuals. Her interests include working with clients helping them work through trauma while focusing on the mind-body connection.

Ana can be reached at

<center>Donna Gallienne</center>

Donna Gallienne

LMFT, Clinician

Donna is a clinician at the Outpatient program at La Selva. She received her master’s degree in Counselling Psychology at the University of Roehampton, London, England. Donna has previously worked in the NHS in England, in a family therapy center in Dallas TX and La Selva Residential facility. She has volunteered in the community with at-risk and detained children, as well as adolescents and survivors of domestic violence. She has a published paper in the Journal of Psycholinguistics. At the Outpatient program, Donna provides therapy, case management, facilitates groups and admissions. Donna is a qualified Yoga instructor and likes to remain physically active in her personal life, she believes that physical health is inextricably connected to psychological and emotional well-being.

Donna can be reached at

<center>Robert Rohde, ASW</center>

Robert Rohde, ASW


Robert provides individual therapy and case management for clients participating at the Middlefield Supportive Housing Program as well as facilitating groups in our outpatient program. Robert has been working with those diagnosed with Co-Occurring Disorders since 1998. Robert is passionate about community work and has worked in various settings including in patient behavioral health, residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. Other areas of interest include CBT, substance abuse, motivational interview and mindfulness.

Robert can be reached at

<center>Leticia Prado, LVN</center>

Leticia Prado, LVN


Leti is a member of our nursing team and works weekends at our Residential Program.

Leti can be reached at

<center>Lauren "Maya" Kehoe</center>

Lauren "Maya" Kehoe

Supportive Housing Specialist

Maya is a Supportive Housing Specialist assigned to our Supportive Housing program. She is a counselor at the Supportive Houses, Lowell and Middlefield; she also teaches classes, on Planning Your Future and Health and Wellness, for the Outpatient program.

Maya can be reached at

<center>Manh D. Nguyen</center>

Manh D. Nguyen

Residential Counselor

Manh started working for Momentum in July 2017 as a Peer Specialist. After six months, Manh decided to work as a full-time Case Manager for Community Solutions before returning to Momentum full-time as a Crisis Residential Specialist in the San Jose area. Manh left the company for a brief time to work as a Social Worker for Santa Clara County before his eventual arrival to La Selva Residential. Manh used to volunteer for the in-patient psychiatric unit for Stanford and El Camino Hospital as a Nami representative.

Manh can be reached at

<center>Kristin Dawson</center>

Kristin Dawson

Group Facilitator

Kristin is a Group Facilitator at La Selva. As a certified Wellness Recovery Action Plan Facilitator, she conducts WRAP groups twice a week, in addition to facilitating the LGBTTQQIIAAP (Rainbow) Group, and the evening/Alumni Program. Kristin is a graduate of the La Selva program and Notre Dame de Namur University.

Kristin can be reached at

<center>Ligia Law</center>

Ligia Law


Ligia (AMFT, she/her/hers) provides individual therapy and case management for clients participating at the Lowell/Esperanza Supportive Housing Program, as well as facilitating groups in our outpatient program. Ligia is client-centered, strength-finding, present-minded, and versatile in her approach to therapy, utilizing many theories including CBT, DBT, Internal Family Systems, with an emphasis on humanistic theories along with skill-building. It’s also important noting Ligia’s background in sociology and her emphasis on seeing each client’s intersecting identities, and recognizing her own privileges within the therapeutic alliance.

Ligia can be reached at

<center>Richard “Doug” Mills</center>

Richard “Doug” Mills

Lead Clinician

Hello my name is Doug, I am from Pennsylvania, graduated with my masters with clinical mental health counseling at Kutztown University. Since moving to California, I have worked in private practice, IOP/PHP, and residential, however, RTC at La Selva has filled me with the most joy.

Doug can be reached at

<center>Joseph Ardizzone</center>

Joseph Ardizzone

Manager of Supportive Housing

Joseph Ardizzone has been promoted to a management position in our Supportive Housing Programs. Prior to his promotion, Joe served as our Peer Specialist. He is a role model for all in the La Selva Community.

Joseph can be reached at

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