The experience and expertise of La Selva’s staff support each client in his or her journey toward wellness and recovery.

<p><center>Brenna Connolly, Psy.D</center>

Brenna Connolly, Psy.D

Clinical Director

Dr. Connolly manages our Discovery Day Program at California Avenue. She is our clinical lead and conducts DBT and CBT groups as well as individual therapy. Dr. Connolly is a clinical psychologist.

<p><center>Jim Millsap, CPRP</center>

Jim Millsap, CPRP

Executive Director

James Millsap has been directing La Selva Group’s program and services since 2002. Jim has been directing mental health programs for 30 years. Through his client-based vision and leadership, La Selva continues to develop a national reputation of quality care with a personal touch. Office: (650) 617-1759

<p><center>Anthony Miller, LMFT</center>

Anthony Miller, LMFT

Director of Residential Services

Anthony oversees all La Selva Residential Programs and holds the role of a clinician. He has many years of residential experience that includes the social rehab and harm reduction models, crisis residential, dual diagnosis, and transitional living. He is a firm believer that the greatest power is to empower others.

<p><center>Shefali Miller, MD</center>

Shefali Miller, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Miller serves as Chief Medical Officer for Momentum for Mental Health, and also provides psychiatric assessment and treatment to individuals participating in the La Selva IOP and PHP. She completed medical school at Columbia University and residency at Stanford. Following residency, Dr. Miller was Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford where she specialized in bipolar disorder research and treatment, and served as Chief of the Bipolar Disorders Clinic from 2017-2018.

<p><center>Juliana Lockman, MD</center>

Juliana Lockman, MD


Dr. Juliana Lockman directs the Functional Neurologic Symptom Disorder (FND) track at La Selva. She works in collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at Stanford, where she is Clinical Assistant Professor in Neuropsychiatry. She completed residencies in both Neurology at the University of Virginia and Psychiatry at Stanford Hospital & Clinics. Her professional goals include developing effective therapies and improving access to care for clients with FND and related disorders.

<p><center>Garrick Wang, MD</center>

Garrick Wang, MD

Residential Psychiatrist

Dr. Wang is ABPN Board Certified in Adult Psychiatry and is La Selva Group’s primary psychiatrist. He graduated from Harvard University with an undergraduate degree in Biochemical Sciences and received the National Science Scholar award. He received his M.D. and Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and completed his residency at Stanford University receiving The NIMH Outstanding Resident Award in 2005.

<p><center>William Sastry, MD</center>

William Sastry, MD


Dr. Sastry is a staff psychiatrist at La Selva. After a BA in Psychology at Vanderbilt and an MD from University of Tennessee, he completed residency at Stanford Hospital and Clinics. He specializes in psychopharmology and supportive psychotherapy. He has a particular interest in helping the young as well as the young-at-heart navigate major life adjustments. Personal interests include sports and playing guitar.

<p><center>Greer Murphy, MD</center>

Greer Murphy, MD

Psychiatrist, Addiction Medicine Specialist

Dr. Greer Murphy is a staff psychiatrist at La Selva. He is also Professor of Psychiatry, Emeritus, at Stanford. At Stanford, he trained hundreds of medical students, residents, and fellows, many of whom now practice in the Bay Area. He is board certified in Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, and in the new specialty of Addiction Medicine. For years Dr. Murphy’s Stanford laboratory investigated molecular biology and genetics, and he has over 100 scientific publications. He was also a strength and conditioning instructor for Stanford Athletics, and coached numerous Stanford students. He enjoys getting patients healthy and moving.

<p><center>Shani Isaac, MD</center>

Shani Isaac, MD


Dr. Shani Isaac is a staff psychiatrist at La Selva. She graduated from Harvard Medical School, and is completing her residency at Stanford Hospital and Clinics. She is trained in psychopharmacology, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy. She has a particular interest in substance use disorders with co-occurring mood or thought disorders. At La Selva, she supports the IOP, PHP, and residential programs by providing psychiatric assessment, medication management, and psychotherapy.

<p><center>Monika Arnold, LCSW</center>

Monika Arnold, LCSW

Director of Outpatient Admissions

Monika oversees admissions and operations in our Outpatient Programs. She is the Associate Director for La Selva Outpatient services. Monika also runs groups and provides individual therapy

<p><center>Emily Gray, LMFT</center>

Emily Gray, LMFT

Director of Residential Admissions

Emily, an LMFT, is our Director of Admissions for Residential Services. She worked as a therapist in community mental health with children, adults, and families until joining our team. She is a certified yoga instructor, has a background in mind/body medicine, and is experienced facilitating admissions and providing intakes for persons seeking treatment. She is passionate about helping people navigate systems to get the care they need.

<p><center>Martha Zambrano, LMFT</center>

Martha Zambrano, LMFT

Clinician II/Manager of Community Clinic

Martha is a bilingual clinician working with both mono-lingual clients and clients participating in our outpatient program at La Selva. Using a blend of mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy, Martha provides short term psychotherapy as well as case management services. Martha is passionate about community work and has worked in various settings including working with at-risk juvenile offenders, survivors of domestic violence and child protective services. Her interests include working with young adults, incarcerated/at-risk populations and family therapy.

<p><center>Melissa Yant-Hunsinger, LCSW</center>

Melissa Yant-Hunsinger, LCSW


Melissa facilitates groups and provides individual therapy and case management in our Outpatient Program. She integrates her extensive experience in psychosocial rehabilitation and community mental health with her clinical training to provide practical and comprehensive care. She supports clients to increase their self-awareness, learn and practice coping skills and to build on their strengths and resources.

Her experience working with young families and in parent education informs her work at La Selva, where families are integrated into treatment whenever possible.

Melissa is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (CBT-P), an evidence-based approach that can reduce the distress associated with the symptoms of psychosis and improve functioning. CBT-P can also result in decreased positive and negative symptoms and can support client’s efforts to achieve their goals.

Melissa also facilitates our weekly Anxiety Reduction group as well as our Codependency Recovery group.

<p><center>Cheryl Seltzer, LMFT</center>

Cheryl Seltzer, LMFT


Cheryl is a Clinician for the outpatient program at La Selva Group, providing individual and group therapy as well as case management services. She’s been practicing psychotherapy with a holistic orientation since 2011, in agencies supporting adults, children and families. She is passionate about helping people live personally meaningful lives even in the midst of unfamiliar and chaotic circumstances.

<p><center>Julius Kim, LMFT</center>

Julius Kim, LMFT


Julius is a clinician in our oupatient program. He focuses his attention on individual and group therapy and coordinates care in the outpatient program. Julius also provides individual and group supervision for our intern program.

<p><center>Robert Rohde, ASW</center>

Robert Rohde, ASW


Robert provides individual therapy and case management for clients participating at the Middlefield Supportive Housing Program as well as facilitating groups in our outpatient program. Robert has been working with those diagnosed with Co-Occurring Disorders since 1998. Robert is passionate about community work and has worked in various settings including in patient behavioral health, residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. Other areas of interest include CBT, substance abuse, motivational interview and mindfulness.

<p><center>Ana Valle Hernandez, AMFT</center>

Ana Valle Hernandez, AMFT


Ana is bilingual clinician in our outpatient program at La Selva Community Clinic. Using a blend of mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Somatic Experience approaches Ana provides short term psychotherapy as well as case management services. Ana thoroughly enjoys helping people find ways to be their best self. She has experience working with at-risk juvenile offenders, families, couples, and individuals. Her interests include working with clients helping them work through trauma while focusing on the mind-body connection.

<p><center>Jurek Aleksander, PhD</center>

Jurek Aleksander, PhD

Residential Lead Therapist

Jurek has been with La Selva Group for over 12 years. He received his PhD in psychology at ITP (through Sofia University) in Palo Alto. In addition to leading the residential clinical team and coordinating clients’ care & recovery, he also conducts groups at California Ave: they include Heart & Mind Alignment, Family Constellation, Poetry and Archetypes, and psycho-dynamic experiential group. His approach is eclectic, holistic and pragmatic interwoven with healthy sense of humor & spirituality.

<p><center>Alex Dillard, MFTI</center>

Alex Dillard, MFTI

Clinician | Assistant Manager of Supportive Housing

Alex has worked in residential and outpatient programs for over ten years, including at a homeless and runaway youth shelter. Alex is interested in the intersection of spiritual and psychological development.

<p><center>Aaron San Nicolas, MFTI</center>

Aaron San Nicolas, MFTI


Aaron is a clinician assigned to our Residential Treatment program. She is currently pursuing board certification as an art therapist. She previously worked at the San Francisco VA Hospital serving Veterans. Her specialty interests include art therapy, trauma, intergenerational trauma, and the impact of culture in therapy.

<p><center>Danielle Giles, AMFT</center>

Danielle Giles, AMFT


Danielle is a clinician at the residential treatment program at La Selva. She is a recent graduate from Chapman University where she received her master’s in marriage and family therapy. Danielle previously worked at a low cost clinic serving a diverse population of individuals within the community, which inspired her interest in systemic and emotionally-focused therapy. Danielle emphasizes a humanistic approach to treatment, with a strong belief in the power of human connection, genuineness, and empathy to produce positive change.

<p><center>Leticia Prado, LVN</center>

Leticia Prado, LVN


Leti is a member of our nursing team and works weekends at our Residential Program.

<p><center>Kevin McKellar, RN</center>

Kevin McKellar, RN

Nursing Services/Medication

Kevin provides nursing services and medication oversight at our Residential Program.

<p><center>Mariella Lauriola, Ph.D.</center>

Mariella Lauriola, Ph.D.

Lead Clinician Esperanza Program

Mariella is the lead clinician in our supportive housing program “Epseranza”, a program that supports adult women struggling with complex trauma, mental health and dual recovery. Mariella received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology between Italy and USA (UCSF). She specializes in clinical psychology, neurosciences and PTSD/complex trauma. Mariella is currently pursuing board certification as a psychologist in California.

<p><center>Meremy Needham, AMFT</center>

Meremy Needham, AMFT


Meremy is a Clinician for the outpatient program at La Selva Group, where she provides individual therapy, case management, and facilitates groups. She worked in community mental health with children, adolescents, adults, and families prior to joining our team. Some of her most influential work was working with foster children who experienced trauma. She takes a psychodynamic approach by emphasizing how one’s past experiences impact the individual’s present experiences and strengths. Meremy aims to empower clients to develop the ability to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

<p><center>Lauren "Maya" Kehoe</center>

Lauren "Maya" Kehoe

Supportive Housing Specialist

Maya is a Supportive Housing Specialist assigned to our Supportive Housing program. She is a counselor at the Supportive Houses, Lowell and Middlefield; she also teaches classes, on Planning Your Future and Health and Wellness, for the Outpatient program.

<p><center>Jae Lopez</center>

Jae Lopez

Addiction Specialist

As our addiction specialist Jae provides recovery services for our supportive housing residents. She is passionate about working with residents with a co- occurring diagnosis. One of the many wonderful things she does for our supportive housing clients is teaching self-defense to women in our two women’s programs. Jae has an extensive history as mixed martial artist. Also, as a licensed Cosmetologist she helps support women clients improve self-esteem.

<p><center>Rosalie Forestier</center>

Rosalie Forestier

Program Administrative Assistant

Rosalie is the Program Administrative Assistant in our outpatient program. She received her BA in psychology from the University of Washington. She has extensive experience providing administrative and sales support to executives and teams in social services and the tech industry.

<p><center>Laila Delman</center>

Laila Delman

Program Administrative Assistant

Laila is the Program Administrative Assistant for the La Selva Residential program. She is an advocate for mental health awareness and she appreciates working with an organization that focuses on helping people.

<p><center>Kristin Dawson</center>

Kristin Dawson

Group Facilitator

Kristin is a Group Facilitator at La Selva. As a certified Wellness Recovery Action Plan Facilitator, she conducts WRAP groups twice a week, in addition to facilitating the LGBTTQQIIAAP (Rainbow) Group, and the evening/Alumni Program. Kristin is a graduate of the La Selva program and Notre Dame de Namur University.

<p><center>Marilyn Martin, MA, MHRS</center>

Marilyn Martin, MA, MHRS

Outpatient Case Manager

Marilyn Martin, MA, MHRS, provides private pay case management services to individuals who need strategic support to manage all the aspects of their recovery from mental illness. She supports clients to define and to work toward their goals. That can include applying for benefits or housing, resuming meaningful day activity, or anything else essential to re-creating a meaningful life. Her extensive experience includes both mental health and dual recovery.

<p><center>Gail Campanale, MFT</center>

Gail Campanale, MFT

Director of Quality Improvement

Gail manages our Quality Improvement department.

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