Specialized Trauma Treatment

Now Offering Specialized Trauma Treatment

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La Selva is now proudly offering specialized trauma treatment! As La Selva has grown, we’ve noticed that over two-thirds of our clients have experienced some type of trauma. The symptoms associated with PTSD and complex trauma can make treating co-occurring disorders even more challenging.

To address this we now offer a Trauma Treatment Track, consisting of evidenced-based and integrative trauma therapies. Our program offers a safe space that allows clients to work through past experiences, while increasing safety, emotion regulation, resilience and empowerment.

Meet our Lead Clinician:

Betsy Harris, LCSW Lead Clinician
La Selva Group (A Division of Momentum for Mental Health)
206 S. California Avenue / Palo Alto, CA 94306
(p) 650-617-8340 x3343 (f) 650-617-1771